Safety First on Dating Sites

There is a new phenomenon that is sweeping the Internet world. It is the burgeoning popularity of Internet dating sites. Last month alone two and half million people went looking for love and friendship in cyber space dating sites from all over America. It’s an armchair preoccupation that’s bringing joy to millions, but is not without it’s own peculiar pitfalls. Some basic precautions, if taken, will ensure the gain without the pain goes on.

Verification by the police

The dating site providers as a group are taking their responsibilities toward subscribers very seriously. ‘Profile verifying’ is the primary protection put in place to ensure the enjoyable experience of service users. In all areas of the human experience there are some unscrupulous individuals who seek to take advantage of others. They pretend to be someone other than who they really are. Verification methods aim to keep the frauds out of chat rooms.

By checking with credit card details the dating sites make sure the people they match together really are the people they say they are. For the user the advice is to make sure their chosen dating site does profile verification.

Reporting suspicious behaviour

The verification of online identity is keeping pace with the growing number of dating site users through the second line defence called ‘reporting’.  If a genuine love surfer spots suspicious behaviour it should be reported to the site controllers who can then track the suspect, build an evidence dossier and bring in the appropriate authorities to deal with the offender.

How to be safe while dating online

As well as reporting suspicious behaviour users should go silent. Cut off any interaction if you feel the person you have been matched with is in any way predatory.

Steady as you go at the outset of any relationship. Good advice in any partnership but especially so with ones begun online. Making inappropriate assumptions and going too quickly can get you hurt. If it’s love at last it last and there will be plenty of time to explore one another.

Guard your personal secrets, especially the financial ones, closely. Never divulge personal information to a person who has not proven him or herself to be worthy of your trust over time. If and when you feel preyed upon whilst online dating, cut off the interaction and report the suspect to your dating service host.

In the first giddy stages of an Internet relationship it can be hard to exercise common sense but gradual, incremental actions will safeguard your emotional wellbeing.

Also if you remain intrigued by a match made over the net after the first introduction you should, at the earliest opportunity, ask for a photo. It’s a test of how genuine a prospective lover is as well as a good stepping-stone to a face-to-face encounter. Refusal to give a photo should be a strong warning sign of insincerity at best.

It doesn’t matter if it’s the Internet or a singles bar the advice to love seekers in the early days of an interaction is to take your time, be careful, be guarded and be wise and above all be safe.

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