A profile’s worth 1,000 words on adult chat sites

Now that you’ve decided to venture forth into the exciting world of free adult chat rooms, you’re probably wondering how you can be one of the more sought-after chat partners on the sites.

The answer is simple: By posting an eye-catching, provocative profile to the adult chat site.

First impressions count when meeting someone in the real world, and the same holds equally, if not more, true in adult chat rooms. If you were meeting someone for the first time, you wouldn’t wear a ratty old T-shirt and dirty jeans, would you? Well, posting a lackluster profile is the chat room equivalent of showing up for a date looking like a scrub, and it will get you about the same results.

Jazz it up. When describing yourself, don’t just say “I like movies.” Be more descriptive. Share your deeper thoughts and feelings. Say something like, “My favorite movie is The Princess Bride, which blends subtle humor with deep heartfelt romance to make a touching, but funny film.”

Market yourself. Talk about the things your good at. Don’t dwell on your insecurities and failings and don’t whine about previous relationships. You don’t sell a car by talking about the engine rattle or the transmission trouble, and you don’t sell yourself in free adult chat rooms by talking about your shortcomings. Be cocky, be confident and be excellent, and you’ll be successful online in adult chat rooms.

Be flirty, but don’t be a perv. While adult chat rooms are known for steamy talk, you don’t want to launch directly into an immediate filibuster about what you and your buddy did with two girls and a donkey on spring break. Just post a little risque banter to your chat room profile to let folks know your open for business. Remember, you’ve got to get the fish to nibble the bait before you can hook them.

Posting a photo in the public gallery of the adult chat room is very important, because let’s face it, a picture really is always worth a thousand words. Visitors to adult chat rooms almost always want to see the man or woman behind the words. You don’t have to do it right away, but sooner or later you’ll have to bite the bullet and make the big reveal. Make sure the photo you post is recent, and portrays you in a favorable light. You don’t have to be dressed up in a tuxedo, but you don’t want to be wearing a Kenny Rogers t-shirt with sweat stains either.

Remember your profile in an adult chat room is that first glance across the bar or that chance encounter at the bookstore, only instead of real life, in an adult chat room you’re in control of what the other person sees. Use this to your advantage.


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