Online Dating Safety Advice

Online dating is a good way to meet new friends and maybe even a romantic interest for yourself.  Online you can get to know someone and see if you are compatible that way before actually meeting up. Once you are comfortable with each other in an online situation then get a prepaid cell.

Why Prepaid? They don’t carry the addresses and name of who owns the phone. This way your home phone and actual address are safe from discovery should things not turn out well and you need to break off the friendship.

Don’t use your whole name, first name only. If you use a dating service, I recommend it there too that you make sure your real information is absolutely confidential and not given out unless you say it is ok. Most online dating sites are good about security but I feel it is a point not to be overlooked.

Dating Service Security

Many of the online services do not pre screen their clients so they are not liable for anyone you meet through their sites. Generally you will get the name of someone who you have looked at their profile, or they looked at yours.  Speaking of profiles - be as honest as you can, but no addresses and only a first name.

When you are meeting someone for the first few times you should only meet in a public place and stay  where there are plenty of people until you feel secure enough for more of a relationship.  Singles dating is great, online but caution is the best defence.

Online Dating for Seniors and Baby boomers

Singles dating for seniors and baby boomers is the same for the most part, but the reasons for dating may be different than they are the younger set.

Usually it is just social, looking for friends, nothing permanent. But that can change when people get to know each other. Older people who have been married and are divorced or widowed are by nature more cautious but should still use some of the general guidelines.

Single Parents and Online Dating

If you are at home with a pre school age child, or an at home single parent, chances are you have thought about checking out online dating services for yourself.  Dating isnít an easy feat when you have children at home too.  Your first priority is to your children and their safety and wellbeing.

There are a lot of people on the singles sites who are out there just to find a situation like that to exploit so, you as a parent have to be extra diligent in your choices. A dating site for singles with children would probably be a better stop for you than a regular dating service. You still have to be careful and pay attention to the safety aspect of your personal life though.

Donít tell the  people you meet online all about your home and children until you have a feel for the person.  Maybe even meet them  a couple times only letting them know that yes, you have a child or two but no more information than that.

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