Online Dating - How to Avoid Disasters

It is not uncommon to have gone through the experience of a couple of bad dates in a lifetime. Regardless of how it happened, you may find yourself matched with a real creep - kind that fumbles and fidgets throughout the evening and then announces that he has forgotten to bring his wallet or credit card. The result is that you have ruined an evening and paid for the entertainment and food, and felt foolish at the end of it. Beware of meeting the same kind online. This is how it happens.

Presenting False Profiles: The guy reads your profile on the dating services and comes up with a matching profile to entice you. The person may be far from what he claims to be because he is out to take advantage of your good nature.

In your innocence you fall into his trap not knowing that his dating profile has been tailor made to fit into your requirements. He pretends that he is just the guy for you and makes you believe that you will get on really well. This leads to online chatting and then talking on the phone. So far so good.

In the first meeting, you take all the precautions and meet at a coffee shop. After a charming conversation, you realise that he has forgotten his wallet at home. You pay the bill but don’t mind very much as you have had a good time.

Next time you meet at an expensive place and talk to him more freely. You feel confident enough to tell him more about your home and family.

This time he has his credit card but the company denies it, and once again, you foot the bill. You tell him that you have no inclination to meet him again. The first thing you do at home is change your e mail online dating address. You feel safe.

Then one fine day you come home to see that someone has broken into your house. The police nab the thief who turns out to be no other than the guy you dated. He found you by your car. Such an experience would understandably make you want to stay away from online dating services. Your only option would be singles dating in person now!

Here are some tips to help you avoid disasters on an online date:

  1. Have a separate e-mail which can be deleted.
  2. Take the first clue and act upon it. If he forgets his wallet, just forget about him.
  3. Do not divulge personal information. Leave no hints that can help him find you.
  4. Do not take your car to the first meeting. Ask a friend to drop you off or take a cab.
  5. Do not give your phone number unless it is a prepaid cell.

This should be enough to save you from a disastrous online date. Once you have screened them well there is no need to be scared of online dating.